My ex drop me for my bestfriend

Cutiecamila1999: i need my life partner...
Procurando: Masculino idade 35 to 60
Status: 31 Solteiro Direto Fêmea
Interessado em: Parceiro de atividade
Etnia: Branco/caucasiano
Vivo: Viver sozinho
Apanhador de Olhos: Braços
Altura: 5'6 polegadas
Corpo: Média
Cabelo/olhos: Castanho, Castanho
Fumaça: De jeito nenhum
Beber: Nunca toque nele
Exercício As vezes
Política: Nenhum
Educação: Pós-graduação
Religião: cristão
Renda: Menos de US $15.000
Ocupação: Construction Engenee
Descendência: Nenhum
Personalidade: Opinionated
País: United States
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My ex drop me for my bestfriend

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Someone who trusts me and doesnt get jealous.
Someone who talks to me.
Someone who is willing to do things with me because I like to do them, even if what were doing isnt their favorite thing this goes both ways.
Someone who smiles a lot.
Someone who is compassionate.
Someone who doesnt tickle me.
Someone who is a vegetarian.
Someone who does their fair share of the housework.
Someone who will surprise me with gifts like a small love note tucked into my jacket pocket.
Someone who is generous.
Someone who believes they can help change the world or make a difference in peoples lives.
Someone who believes that anything is possible, even if much of it is improbable.
Someone who likes to take walks.
Someone who wont laugh at me, but will laugh with me.
Someone who tells me when I do something they like.
Someone who, every day, tells me they love me.
Someone who likes Star Wars.
Someone who likes sappy movies.
Someone who will join me in singing along with the radio.
Someone who plays and isnt afraid to be silly.
Someone who likes to read.
Someone who likes to discuss big ideas, no matter how crazy the discussions might get.
Someone who gets along with my friends and family.
Someone who likes stargazing, even if if they dont know any constellations.
Someone who likes to cook with me.


You stay up until 3 am talking and laughing.
You think that everything he says is funny.
He thinks that everything you say is funny
You think hes the cutest thing youve ever seen on two feet.
He thinks youre beautiful.
Hes really, really, really smart. Much smarter than you...
He thinks youre really, really, really smart. Much smarter than he is...
You both have no idea where the time went or how it got to be so late.
He asks if he can spend the night.


Im a easy going person, i want to be a well known engeneer

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