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Jennyjr25: hello...
Procurando: Masculino idade 36 to 72
Status: 37 Divorciado Direto Fêmea
Interessado em: Relacionamento de longo prazo
Etnia: Branco/caucasiano
Vivo: Mora com meus filhos
Apanhador de Olhos: Braços
Altura: 5'5 polegadas
Corpo: Magro
Cabelo/olhos: Afro, De outros
Fumaça: Recentemente desistiu
Beber: Nunca toque nele
Exercício Me chame de preguiçoso
Política: Liberal
Educação: Alguma escola secundária
Religião: Agnóstico
Renda: Menos de US $15.000
Ocupação: Hair Stylist
Descendência: 1 criança
Personalidade: Extrovertido
País: United States
Email de amigos: Seu nome:

I was born and adopted from Germany, this my 8yrs of living in LA.I live with my daughter named Jessica shes 4 years both adoptive parents are no more and i am their only child, i was still a little child maybe 3 to 4 yr old, when i was adopted so honestly i never know much about my biological parents, so right now i dont have any more family left in Germany thats why i moved to state to start a new life alone. Actually i am not much good in united state english language but i am trying to move along with my friends here in USA , I have broken english and i dont want this to scared you cause we might get to know each other better and we need to talk on phone sometime and you didnt hear my english clearly , you just need to understand me that i am only trying to get this right.


I believe each person should be allowed to be who they are and to be free to give their best for each others mutual benefit. I do not like controlling men who do not communicate well and have agendas or excessive previous baggage. I like men who I can have a good conversation with and we can communicate in a mutually benefitial way. ..


i give all i can do to make my man to feel for me...i will always make him happy wont hurt him...i will never lie to him...i will be 100% honest and sincere to him but i will like him to do the same for me...i dont want to get hurt any more or allow what have happened to me in the past should come my way cause i will get hurt more and more....and that will make me to not trust any man again....but i know one day i will find my sweetest love ever.....I am looking for a commitment.No head games please.So if your my Angel out their you can come to me.and i also believe Nothing good comes easy except by hard work.


The kind of man i am looking for, The man that will really make my dreams come true and Ill also make his come true too,Who knows maybe its you,..Well when I find him I really will love to hold hands with him walking side by side on the street and kissing each other,And also go to the beach together and watching the sunset and also looking into each others eyes and saying the sweetest thing in the world..I will love him,cherish him,adore him,respect him,care for him,treat him like a Angel and be by his side always and forever..Share my good and bad times with him..Show him how special,precious,and beautiful he is to my heart.. My dream is when I find him and we love and care for each other so much like no couple was ever loved and adored before,Ill make him happy,put great and wonderful smiles in his heart and soul forever.

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